By Allie Dosmann

U8 Crew Youth player Grant Busch has made a full recovery and is back on the soccer field after a golf cart accident that threatened his life last June.

Grant was on vacation with his family in Florida when he fell off the cart and suffered a skull fracture and epidural hematoma. The hematoma caused his brain to fill with blood and caused a traumatic brain injury that put his life in jeopardy.

From the beginning, Grant has been a fighter. The hospital originally told his family that Grant could not be moved for over a month and would need to remain in Florida at the hospital, said his mother Amy Busch. He was also in very critical condition and they were not sure he was going to survive. Three weeks later and despite the odds, Grant was able to come back to Ohio and was on his way to recovery.

Since the injury, Grant has made a full recovery and is back out on the soccer field. In the fall, he would join his team briefly at practice, playing non-contact, and attend private training sessions. In March, Grant began playing full-contact games with his teammates, less than a year after the incident

“I think the coaches, myself included, have been more cautious than he would have been. He just exemplifies what a soccer player or just what a kid should be,” said U8 head coach Geoff Starks. “His energy is unbelievable and he just has so much excitement.”

This incident has allowed his coaches and the club as a whole to recognize what it is about youth soccer that is most important.

“Sometimes with soccer you focus on trying to do skill training and you focus on how far the kids are going to go and where they are going to play,” said Starks. “But when it comes down to it, the most important thing is just the desire to play and Grant definitely has that.” 

Grant maintained a positive attitude through out the entire recovery process. This attitude no doubt played a role in his quick return to the game.

“Grant loves the Crew. He loves to put that jersey on and takes a lot of pride,” said Starks. “I think he symbolizes what the Crew is all about.”

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