Crew SC Academy FAQs



Crew SC Academy FAQs

Q: What is the Crew SC Academy?
A: Crew SC Academy is the highest level of the Columbus Crew SC's commitment to player development, specifically involving U12, U13, U14, U15/16 and U17/18 teams that will participate in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy (please see FAQ sheet for questions pertaining to the USSDA)

Q: What are the costs for CSCA players?
A: Participation in the Crew SC Academy will be free of all fees and travel expenses — one of the few programs in the country that are fully funded. Training, competition, travel, meals, hotels and Crew SC gear will all be provided free of charge. CSCA teams seek the best players from their MLS Home Territory, the State of Ohio, regardless of economic status.

Q: Which age groups will compete in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy?
A: The program will identify and develop top players from the State of Ohio from U12-U18.

Q: How many players will be selected for the CSCA teams?
A: 25-30 players will be invited to participate in each player pool each year.

Q: How will players be selected?
A: Players will be evaluated and selected using a variety of methods, ranging from player identification through the Crew SC Player Development system, Crew SC affiliates, relationships with area clubs and networks throughout Ohio.

Q: Have 2017-2018 tryout dates, times and locations been finalized?
A: Yes.  Please refer to the “Try-outs” section of Crew SC Academy for more information.

Q: How will the CSCA experience differ from a typical club setting?
A: CSCA is the best environment for player development, one designed to replicate a professional level.  It offers top caliber instruction, competition and facilities, along with exposure to a far greater network of collegiate, professional, and national team coaches.

Q: Who will coach the Crew SC Academy teams?
A: Crew SC Academy teams will be under the direction of the Crew SC Head Coach and Sporting Director Gregg Berlhalter.

Q: Who will CSCA teams compete against?
A: Crew SC Academy teams compete in the Mid-America Division of the Central Conference of the USSDA - the highest level of competition in the country. Please refer to for a full list of the top clubs that are participating.

Q: Can CSCA players play for other clubs or their high school teams?
A: No.  Per U.S. Soccer rules, participation with other clubs or high school teams is not allowed.

Q: Can CSCA players participate in ODP?
A: No. The U.S. Soccer Development Academy is an extension of the U.S. National Team program and will provide the highest level of exposure and most direct pathways to the National Team.

Q: What is the MLS Youth Development Initiative?
A: At the 2006 MLS Cup, the MLS Youth Development Initiative was launched. Each MLS Club is required to establish a youth program that will give talented players with professional aspirations the best opportunity to pursue their dreams, stay close to home, and continue their education. Players registered for at least 12 months in an MLS youth program become eligible to sign a professional contract with that team without entering the MLS Super Draft.

Q: Have any professional players been produced?
A: Yes. Since 2008, 13 former CSCA players are now professionals – including 5 currently on the Columbus Crew roster.  

Q: How many CSCA players have gone onto play at the collegiate levels?
A: Since 2008, more than 85 players have gone on to play at the nation’s top universities.

Q: How many CSCA players have been called into U.S. Youth National Team Camps and Competitions?
A: 19 CSCA players have participated in Youth National Team programming.

Q: How many CSCA players have participated in the U17 Youth National Team Residency Program in Bradenton, Florida?
A: 7 CSCA players have been a part of the Residency Program.

Q: How do the national team, professional and college players produced by CSCA compare to other top MLS programs in the United States?
A: Extremely well.  Despite being based in one of the league’s smallest markets, CSCA is regarded as one of the very best player development systems in the country.

Q: Where will CSCA teams train?  How often do they train?
A: CSCA trains primarily at the Crew Training Center in Obetz.  Trainings are held 4 times per week and players are required to attend all trainings unless the coaches are notified.

Q: When will CSCA teams begin to train?
A: Training will begin in late July/early August.  There will be approximately a one month break in December/January and again in late July/early August.

Q: When will matches begin?
A: CSCA teams will kick off their seasons in September and matches continue through the USSDA playoffs in July. A complete schedule for both teams can be found in the Crew SC Academy section of the website -


Q: Can CSCA players participate in other sports?
A: CSCA is the program for players who are extremely committed and focused on reaching their highest potential level.  Given the time commitment, participation in other sports is typically not possible.


Q: How often does the team travel?

A:  U.S. Soccer Development Academy teams may make up to 10-12 trips per year.  Some trips may require an overnight stay.  Players travel by bus or airplane and are housed four players to a room for overnight trips. 

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