7v7 Numbering System


Roles of Each Player in 7v7: 1-2-3-1

#1: Role of the Goal Keeper: keepers should learn how to support the back line in possession, how to distribute and be the first line of attack instead of just punt the ball long. Keepers need to learn to pass the ball on goal kicks rather than just kick it long.

#4&5: Role of the Center Backs: The back line plays a vital role in possession. The defenders need to learn how to support the midfield in possession, how to make the field big and how to help relieve pressure. The defense also plays a crucial role in switching the point of attack.

#8 Role of the Defensive Midfield: the number 8 player dictates the rhythm of possession. She needs to learn how to support the attack from behind the ball.

#7&11 Role of the Wide Players: Players 7 and 11 provide width and penetration. They need to learn to stay wide and open body to the field and provide support to the midfielders.

#9 Role of the Center Forward: Player 9 provides depth and an outlet from high pressing opponents. She needs to learn to stretch the field and stay high and central and be available for the long pass option from the back.


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