Parents' Testimonials

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Check out feedback from parents and players who have participated in our Crew SC Camps and Training Sessions in the past:
Multi-Week Training Programs:
"Coaches were engaged with the kids, interested and dedicated to making sure the kids worked out the skills. Numerous times I saw them working individually with a player to help them understand a technique or drill."
- Will Nordmeyer, parent of James Nordmeyer -- Ball Mastery (Ages 7-12)
"The coaching staff is amazing! In one camp, Kyra went from being a professional bench warmer to being a pretty good defensive player. I like that each child received instruction on their level and all of the kids are encouraged regardless of their level of play. Your coaches are wonderful!"
- Gena Bradshaw, parent of Kyra Bradshaw -- Ball Mastery (Ages 7-12)
"The smaller groups focus more on individual skill at higher level was great."
- Jenny Sims, parent of Xavier Sims -- Advanced Boys
"The coaches were hands on and gave great instruction. They paired them up by age group, very helpful."
- John Tracy, parent of Joe Tracy -- Goalkeepers Training
"Instruction was excellent and challenging."
- Lisa Trotti, parent of Jerod Trotti -- Goalkeeprs Training
1 Day Camps - Individual Skill:
"Chloe LOVED the camp!"
- Meredith Crabtree, parent of Chloe Crabtree
Pro Player Camps:
"The fact that the player spent a lot of his time with the kids was great but he also took time to give tips to parents. The limited size was also great. My daughter was a Wil Trapp fan before but after the camp he took the top spot from her previous favorites Ozil, Zusi and even Kamara."
- Adam Barclay, parent of Allyson Barclay -- Pro Player Camp (Wil Trapp)
"The small group aspect was great!"
- Kyle Topy, parent of Landon and Abram Topy -- Pro Player Camp (Wil Trapp/Steve Clark)
"The training provided was fantastic. Also, my son had a great time and got to meet his favorite Crew SC player. Steve was great with the kids, you could tell that he enjoyed it as well. "
- Christopher Klopfer, parent of Nicholas Klopfer -- Pro Player Camp (Steve Clark)
"The coaches were great and know a lot to show the kids to help them get better."
- Beth Thornton, parent of Austin Thornton -- Pro Player Camp (Wil Trapp)

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